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Vision Statement


We envision being the leading supplier of products and services to the forestry and related industries against which all other role players will be benchmarked.



Mission Statement


In our everyday dealings with each other, our customers and suppliers, we will endeavor to work towards our vision by:


  • Always providing the best possible services and products.

  • Exceed our customer’s expectations through our commitment to continued development and innovation.

  • To cherish and nurture relationships between ourselves, our customers and our suppliers.

  • Continuously challenging ourselves to create and maintain a performance driven environment in which we all will excel.

  • Our commitment to ethical and honest business practises.

  • Remembering the passion and drive that started us on our journey.

  • Building and maintaining a legacy to ensure a sustainable platform for those that come after us.










Company Profile


ANCO Manufacturing has been three generations in the making. From humble beginnings the company that is officially known as ANCO Manufacturing started in 2000 when Andre Scheepers took over from his father Jan Scheepers and took on the challenge of helping local forestry contractors and farmers with small manufacturing jobs and repairs.


Soon the local community regularly visited the workshop and the company became more involved in the design and manufacturing of equipment to suit the unique requirements of the forestry and agricultural industries.


The first design break through was achieved when ANCO Manufacturing designed and manufactured a dedicated Fire Tender type vehicle body. The design featured the first water pump design utilizing a Parallel / Series centrifugal pump configuration. The design improved on what was previously used by doubling performance in water delivery pressure and volume while being more cost effective and having he added advantage of ensuring a back-up pump in the case of failure of the other.


The design soon became known in the local Forestry Industry and in 2006 the first order for a number of dedicated fire fighting vehicles, based on this design, was successfully completed.


Since then ANCO Manufacturing has gone from strength to strength. More orders followed for Fire Fighting vehicles and equipment and soon the old premises in central Piet Retief became inadequate and a new site for development was identified.


Construction on a new facility with ample workspace and an extended parts division was started and the new premises at 2625 Theo Mocke Street were officially opened in 2012.


Today ANCO Manufacturing is considered a leader in the design and manufacturing of dedicated fire fighting vehicles in the forestry and related industries. The company also specializes in supplying related equipment, parts, steel and industrial supplies to a wide variety of customers across a wide spectrum of industry. With a staff compliment exceeding 40, the company prides itself in being a responsible employer supporting and recognizing the involvement in and the dependency on the local community.


ANCO Manufacturing will remain a humble yet dedicated and passionate industrial manufacturer and the current management team will endeavor to remember the past while looking to the future with determination and focus to further develop the full potential of the company and its people.

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